Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Getting there!

Back in November, I started Amanda Jean's Quilt-a-long.

It's been slow going, and I'm a wee late on starting #2, but I've had a few other projects up my sleeve.

Some of them are getting complete, so I've been able to give some time to the original Quilt-a-long, and here she is so far!

I still have to add borders, batting, and a back, but it's MUCH further along than I anticipated!


calliope said...

OMG! That is beauuuuuuuutiful. Wow.

Jen said...

HOT DAMN, SHELLI! That is beautiful!!! (Do you ever sleep?) :)

domi2.5 said...

It's looking great. I was tempted to join in the quilt-a-long, but datelines and I don't get along.