Thursday, May 08, 2008

the "doocer-view"

Otherwise known as:

Whereby we are all jealous of Bri, because Dooce is now her bff!

PS - KLG was a twit!


Anonymous said...

Kathy Lee Gifford...

Is a Twit.

Many apologies to those who may think she = love.

hipiegrl said...

I concur. And what the hell was up with that dress?

Princess Abigail .... said...

You, darling, are well and truly off your rocker. I do wish you would stop writing this blasted blog, because it is distracting me at my desk and I have heaps to do and I am going to get into such trouble and it will all be your fault. Pumpkin, you are a scream! Where on EARTH does your brain pick all the material up from? I have hyperlinked you and intend to come back. Probably quite often. Probably never from this desk, for alas I fear I may be out of a job for the amount of time I"m spending reading about your unbelievable meanderings, exploits, mishaps and achievements. All told with such exquisite class, of course. Now leave me alone!
Signed : Alison
(Abigail's Mama)
A Brit, living in France
distracted by your bloody zany blog!!!