Thursday, May 29, 2008

Could it be possible in our lifetime?

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Same-sex marriages legally performed elsewhere will be recognized in New York in response to a state court ruling this year, Gov. David Paterson's spokeswoman said Wednesday.

Um, WOW. So Narda's and my relationship, which is basically a marriage, has the potential to be legally recognized in the state where we live.

And it's a good thing, too, because we've been too busy with life, liberty and the pursuit of a running toddler to go to our lawyer and have random paperwork filled out, and money spent to give us the same rights as married couples everywhere.

Speaking of our relationship, Monday will be 8 years together. We count our first kiss as the "moment" to mark our relationship. If we CAN get hitched somewhere and have it recognized here, we'll do it as soon as possible, but do an official Jewish/Chuppah wedding closer to our 10th anniversary, June 2, 2010. Squee!

And speaking of our relationship, we have a DATE planned for Monday night! We'll be eating dinner, and seeing a little flick. You may have heard of it...


Team sully said...

Happy Anniversary!

Liza said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

C. Scott said...

Hope you and Narda had a great anniversary! She told me about it one day on the way to train and was very excited! :)


M3 said...

Happy anniversary!!

Did you see that California legalized same-sex marriages as of today? I think an hour or two ago. I was so excited!

MsAbcMom said...

Hi Shelli,
Happy late anniversary!!! I have to share these pics a flickr friend took two days ago in Oakland. Check them out...I love them, they are so beautiful and exciting.