Thursday, January 03, 2008

Quincy helps with the Quilt-a-long

What Eemah? I'm helping you!
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Because he's just our little helper.

These are blocks 1-6 of the 12 week Quilt-a-long, as being led/tutored by the ever talented Amanda Jean, over at Crazy Mom Quilts.

I've learned SO much in the past 6 weeks, I look forward to the next 6!


jean said...

That is going to be an awesome quilt. I love the brown/icy blue squares best. Your assistant is quite cute.

ALF said...

found your site from dooce's - just stopped by to say hi.

What a beautiful quilt!

MsAbcMom said...

I love watching this quilt grow. thanks for posting!

neko said...


Pieces said...

Your blocks look great! I haven't started mine yet--I have a lot of catching up to do. It is neat to see blocks with colors instead of the white background. Now I'm going to have to rethink my strategy.