Friday, September 14, 2007

NOT the way I wanted to lose weight...

But the food poisoning? It SUCKS. We've had a lovely Chag so far, and Malka even gave us a present by napping during lunch. That's where I think I got it. I'm not going to mention the place, because we love the diner, and I just called and spoke to the manager to give him a heads up. I think it was either my salad, or the pickles. Because I KNOW it wasn't Cousin Sylvia's cooking last night! :) And I don't think it was the matzoah ball soup.

So I'm just going to go curl up and keep reading Harry Potter. I'm on book 4, Narda's on 5, and we have to get 6 back from a friend. But I officially have ALL of the British editions, thanks to my dear dear Amy.

Shabbat Shalom, or as Malka says: "Bat Lom!" May this new year bring health, love, light and new life to all of you.

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calliope said...

so so sorry that you aren't feeling well. ugh!
Get some rest and take it easy.