Tuesday, September 18, 2007

because you asked for proof of the crafty...

Lo, I think it was, asked for proof and pictures of the crafty.

I think, now that I'm back on book 4 (that would be of the Harry Potter series, for those who don't know me, because they, um, live on MARS) of the series, I have more time for the crafty.

So this is a table that Malka and I did. Our dear friends from ADProb gave this awesome set of table and chairs to Malka. I figured that somewhere along the line, we'd get to finishing it.

Then, this weekend, the opportunity presented itself. It needs another layer or two of shellac, but it's good to go, and will be a lovely thing for Malka to get lots of fun use out of. A true "artist's" table.


Lo said...

That's adorable! Fun idea.

calliope said...

so cute!
well done, girls.

Trista said...

that is SO COOL!!!