Tuesday, February 28, 2006

You knew it was bound to happen...

Duke of Earl

Duke, duke, duke,
Dookey girl, girl girl
Dookey girl, girl, girl
Dookey girl, girl, girl


As you walk through this world
Nothing can stop you now you’re the Dookey Girl
You, you are my girl
I love you, oh no

Duke, duke, duke,
Dookey girl, girl girl
Dookey girl, girl, girl
Dookey girl, girl, girl

Oh yes and I
Oh I love you, oh oh
So come on let me hold you darling
'cause you’re our Dookey Girl
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

And when I hold you
You are our Dookney-ness
Our Dookey Girl
We'll walk through your dukedom
Oh yes a paradise we will share

The songs we sing and the performance art we create to keep Malka entertained whilst on the changing table. We've been singing this one for a few days now, and it seems to work well to prevent the tears... And it sounds pretty funny, too.


Jean said...

Beautiful! Here's another one you can try if she tires of that one. Sung to the tune of "Frere Jacque:"
Malka, Malka
Malka, Malka
We love you, We love you!
You have a big belly,
Your poops are really smelly (or Is it full of jelly)
We love you, Dookey Doo


cat said...

*snicker* very cute.

and Jean's too!

Anonymous said...

Won't Malka enjoy reading THIS when she comes of age!!!


Dee said...

The two of you are very creative...and funny!

Cait said...

My mom used to sing to my sister:

"Get up, stand up
stand up for your tights"

and she'd also do a version of Jammin' when it was time for my sister to put on her pajamas.

Since I make up songs in my classroom, it's looking like I'll be much the same.

Cait said...

Oh yeah, my mom also did "Poopy girl" to the same tune as yours. I'm afraid it's embarrassment city for our kid.

hormonebitch said...

I LOVE hearing about Malka! You are so lucky!! Love the song!!

charlotte said...

I sing crazy things to make Lm happy. Making up your own words to classics like the wheels on the bus, bwoks well. glad you all are doing so great!!!

Calliope said...

ha ha!
I hear Gyweneth P. had a whole bunch of poopie songs she would sing Apple.
You know there could be a market for it...

Lo said...

My mother still occasionally sings her former changing table songs to me. One is an ode to baby powder.
The well-loved child has many of them, alas.....;-)

S said...

OMG, how funny is that!!!

Please PLEASE videotape doing that, if only to show Malka's dates in about 16 years or so......

Plus, I want to see it for myself-I love dookie songs!

Care said...

So sweet - I love it! (Now must go turn radio on or I'll be singing that song all day)