Saturday, January 07, 2006

Cougie looking AWFULLY cute!

Cougie looking AWFULLY cute!, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

Just a little new Years cuteness.

he really missed his eemah while she was gone visiting folks in Portland with mommie.

He hasn't left my side. ALL. DAY. I feel bad, like I need permission to use the loo.

Which I have to go do now, and pry the sleeping "little old man" from my right thigh.

Excuse me.


Calliope said...

that IS cuteness!
Whenever I return home after being away Tallulah gets very underfoot. She also claims my suitcase so that I can't unpack.
Regardless - it is good to be loved.

Sara said...

He is so very cute!!! Looks like he missed you so much he'll never let you out the door again!

Care said...

What a gorgeous kitty! Makes me miss having a cat around the house. ~CarolynG