Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving...

I will more than likely not be posting tomorrow, but if I am, PHEW, it means I got all of the cooking done!

One of my on-line supprot groups started a list - top ten things to be grateful for. The first few were easy, then it got hard. But it was a good excercise, as it put me in a really good place.

Please share your list, too!

1) Narda, the love of my life. (even when we fight!) Smile
2) our lovely kitties, they are a silly and loving source of joy in an otherwise difficult time
3) a wonderful and awesome job (I just wish it paid a wee more!)
4) a fabulous apartment, that is our true "home"
5) my health, Narda's health, my family's health
6) my friends - on-line and off - I can be myself and laugh, cry, scream, and I still feel loved, and I adore you all!
7) my blog - it's been a great source for me to share my emotions, when that's normally a hard thing for me to do
8) my faith in G-d, even when I'm angry at G-d, I still know He (She?)'s there, and will send me little signs that I'm being taken care of...
9) nature, and I hope that She continues to thrive, so I do everything I can to help keep Her healthy
10) our child that is yet to be, I know you are out there...


Estelle said...

We all have many things to be thankful for.
I will definitely share mine.

Dee said...

This is a great list. I think I'll do one too.

I loved 10. S/he is out there!