Wednesday, November 23, 2005

the great divide...

We were supposed to go THE biggest lesbian party of the year tonight. I look forward to it every year - the night before thanksgiving, Shescape hosts a FABOO bash! In my younger years (koff, koff), I'd be there till 3am drinking and dancing the night away. Again, in my younger days, I had been know to do what is referred to as "drunk dialing." BAD IDEA.

'nuf said. :)

So here we are, the night before Thanksgiving, the broccoli kugel and the stuffing have been made, the turkey is in the brine, brining away in brown sugar and salted happiness, and BOTH Narda and I are coming down with colds.

I feel like crap.

No Shescape.

But here's the great divide - we were both happily sitting on the couch, in our jammies, drinking our airborne, watching HGTV, and then Lost at 9, and then it becomes 10pm.


Narda NEEDS to watch Law and Order. IN THE LIVING ROOM.

Guess who won?


But that's part of why I'm so in love with for her, she lets me get my way sometimes.

AND, she made me decaf coffee.

She rocks.

And I'm watching CSI NY - gotta go!


Kerryn said...

DP is a drunk dialler as well. Nothing good can ever come of it! Wishing you and Narda a very happy Thanksgiving.

Blondie said...

We often have the CSI/L&O debate here too. Tonight, the freaky doll heads won out. Thank goodness for DVR's!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Calliope said...

ooooo...Law & Order was such a tease. I hope in one episode they give the new ADA something to eat.
Hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday!

Becky said...

Shescape sounds like fun, but drunk dialing sounds like you can get into some trouble lol. Happy thanksgiving!

Estelle said...

Ah ain't she sweet?
I get to tape them both and bride Jeannie into watching them with me. She likes CSI (though not NY) and doesn't mind SVU (though she pretends to hate it so I will do something for her in return for watching it with me). I've leanred not to watch SVU without her... even though she 'hates' it so much, she gets so upset if I watch it and she doesn't... :)
Hope you're feeling better!