Wednesday, October 12, 2005

36 days! woo hoo!

36 days! woo hoo!, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

I made this sign that is on my office door.

I happily get to tear off a page a day.

If ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE has WB contacts, I'd scream with glee to be able to go to the premiere on November 12th.


otherwise, S and I will have to just go watch the red carpet...


S said...

ARRGGGGGHHHHHH! I SO can't wait! I'm probably going to be wetting the panties, I'm so psyched!!

Estelle said...

I am soooo ready for this. I hope it is better than the last one because I think the director really ruined Azkaban... this one has a new director so it had better be great!!
36 days, eh? Wow. Poor Charlie's gonna need a sitter twice in two weeks.
I'll take those WB contacts too... mine died (not that we were really close, but he was useful in some situations)

Jen said...

My dear, you truly crack me up. I saw those photos on flickr and just laughed and laughed. Love ya, girl!