Thursday, September 01, 2005

A "temporary disruption"

THAT is what OUR PRESIDENT calls the worst Natural disaster in American history.

And I CANNOT believe FOX NEWS who is down playing the tragedies and civil disruption, and playing up how wonderful Americans are - and OK, yeah, we are great, but, there is CHAOS and PAIN in New Orleans.

I am NOT rich by ANY means, and I barely have spending money after I pay my bills every month, but I just gave 100 bucks to Noah's Wish.

It's too much, it's just too much tragedy, and I am ASHAMED of our president. He commits troops three days later than he should have (note a pattern here), but I doubt he'll send any of his personal money, or monies of his corporate friends...

here's a link to his speech, with pictures: Transcript of Bush's Speech

I was going to post highlights, but re-reading it just makes me SO frustrated.

He should be on the TV every night – WHERE ARE YOU MR. PRESIDENT?!

Narda just told me that she overheard someone on the bus today saying it was “their own damn fault, for not evacuating.” My jaw dropped – yeah, the poorest quadrant of the country – old people who don’t have cars, mothers with newborn babies – they couldn’t leave, so it’s their fault.



Jen said...

It wasn't just someone on the bus saying that. Fucking Michael Chertoff said essentially the same thing - they were told to evacuate and they didn't so they have to deal with the consequences.

This is the guy who is supposed to be coordinating the national response?!?!?!? I want to go and disconnect HIS power and lock HIM in an overflowing portapot with no food, water or A/C for four days.

Anonymous said...

Vanda and I were just talking about this. She was talking about how we would deal with it if we were there...and I told her..we wouldnt be there. We arent rich..but we would have the means to get out. A car, a little money in the bank, family that could help.

It is so sad that people want to put the blame on these poor victims. I guess it makes them sleep easier at night thinking that the victims brought it on themselves. *sigh*


cluttergirl said...

Hi. Thanks for thinking of the animals. I too gave $100 I don't really have, but I gave it to the Red Cross. I sort of wish I gave it to the animal rescue, or that I had $100 more. As for it "being their own fault"... I read that many places... that they could see old and babies, but also lots of ablebodied people. Let's see. You have a sick mother, or three little toddlers, and no car, no $. You will leave the sick mother and toddlers there, cuz you as an ablebodied person can get out, and don't want to have to be rescued? huh?? Not to mention those who had animals they wanted to care for, and thought "I have food and water, I can tough it out for a week on the top floor", or those for whom their home or business is all they had. They keep saying (they as in Bush and Co) "we knew the hurricane was bad, but we had no idea the levees would go". They use that as an excuse why the highest trained emergency personnel whose job it was to evacuate, rescue and care for the citizens didn't get that job done, or mostly even started in four days. Yet, average citizens were supposed to have forseen the levees going, 20 feet of water, and getting out of the city at the last moment (after the hurricane went through, it looked as if NO was pretty much saved from catastrophe). A double standard? Yes. There are also stories from survivors on how the greyhound station closed on Saturday before the hurricane. They wouldn't let people exit the city on foot... only cars and buses. They didn't open up the lanes coming into the city to outgoing traffic (hell, they do that in rush hour on the bridge here every day). And they actively shot at people trying to leave the city on foot after the flooding, making them turn back.

It is boggling. Mindwarping. Sickening. Maddening. Well, I'm sorry, this comment probably doesn't help your day. I'm here via your comments at thenakedovary.