Friday, September 02, 2005

Bush is coming

He just announced that he's "on his way" to New Orleans. He's eager to "talk to the people."

I wonder which segment of the population they'll film him talking to?

My money's NOT on the poor black folks in the midst of chaos who are angry and asking for the help that won't come for them...

It will probably be the folks in the Astradome, "grateful" for being "rescued."

If in fact, Bush DOES talk to the disadvantaged black folks, who are fainting and angry and can't feed their babies, I'll eat my hat and offer him a public apology... (they have to be the angry ones, however...)


cathy said...

come on - cut him a break. Don't we all want to screen out the people who don't like us and ONLY talk to our (rich) friends... isn't he just a model American? gag, gag, gag

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the pictures from his visit? Very nice photo opportunities for him.



Lorem ipsum said...

Bush is coming. Is he bringing Jesus with him?

Even if not, I hope he tries to walk on water by himself.

Kristi said...

I wonder if he can even spell Louisiana?

hd said...

I'm afraid I *almost* got sucked in when I saw his little 3 minute video with the two grieving homeless women who were crying on his shoulder. Then I came to my senses and realized that it was all for appearances, and sadly, MANY fellow Americans WILL get sucked in and praise his Christian kindness and applaud his humanitarian efforts. It's sick and wrong.