Friday, August 05, 2005

not much news, but here's a bit...

Thanks everyone!

Our SW said that she would hate to cut our trip short by us flying home early in the off chance that this doesn't work out, so she said we can meet on the 19th or so after Narda's back form LA, and that we'll "meet" the BM via phone ahead of time! Yeowza!

So our next assignment is a list of questions, and a "rehearsal session" - holy moley.

I'll know more later today....

She also did say that the BM's SW (that's Birth mother's social worker) was TOTALLY convinced that this would "go to plan" - ie: that she'd follow through with an adoption plan.

Cross ALL fingers.

OHHHHHH! AND since the BM is in NJ (that's New Jersey), that as SOON as she signs her "termination" papers, there's NO 30 day waiting period - it's FINAL. Our SW thought that since we live in NY that it might not apply, but she now thinks it still does - OH MY GOSH.

I'm off to google this.


Heatherg said...

I'm still sending hugs and hopes! I'm so happy to hear the news! I am nervous for you!!

CharlieBeth said...

OMG!!!! All the best! *hugs from the UK*