Friday, July 22, 2005

15 minutes

Dooce's entry for July 22nd

If you read this tomorrow, scroll down to the entry for 7/22/05



Jen said...

OH MY GOD YOU ROCK STAR YOU! I am so jealous!!! DOOOOOOOCE? I got a comment from Zhu-lie but I was so stupid my comments were disabled so it was an e-mail... and I felt special, but I am SO NOT WORTHY compared to you. I bow down to your superior bloggityness!!!

Shelli said...

heh - naw, she's just been cool about responding to the e-mails I send her sometimes, and I told her I'd send the old phone to leta, to let her go pee, and well, it turned into a blog entry... :)

Jennifer said...

Yah you guys are rock stars! :)