Saturday, January 22, 2005


I belong to an on-line supprt group, called Fertility Friend, and even though we are now adopting, I have bonded with some amazing women there. I HAVE however, experienced censorship and it is frustrating beyond belief! I had a political cartoon in my signature, and it apparantly had a website in its code. Their "charter" does not allow other websites to be displayed. So they erased my ENTIRE signature. That includes my weight loss ticker, my link to this site, some funny blinkies which include: and I am so LIVID and frustrated. I feel violated, and I know I'l get over it, but it's just SO DAMN frustrating. I was reading the NY TImes on the subway this am, and I got so riled up by reading about how Bush wants to repeal the environmental laws passed in 1990 (you know the ones that make plants retrofit their equiptment with cleaner technology) that I'm just in a mood today, but we are auditioning about 200 kids today who want to go to grad school to become actors, so I get out my frustration HERE, and NOT on them.... SIGH.


cat said...

*grumble* that's just not right :(

on a happier tip...

i'm with you on the snow love.

*does a little snow dance*

Anonymous said...

Shelli - It's not censorship when you're going against a charter. I'm guessing that if you had saved the cartoon in your own webspace and posted it, this wouldn't even be an issue. There are plenty of women on the PG side who have political cartoons in their siggies (and, yes, "anti-Bush" ones). It's not a conservative conspiracy. ;)