Saturday, March 08, 2008


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Stop fucking biting me, kid, OK?!

OK - since I'd never say that to her, I feel i can say it to you.

To her - it's "gentle, gentle, we don't bite."

But Narda's in DC, and I have to scream somewhere.

So you get to hear it - FUCKING OUCHHHHHHHHHHHH!


we're off to have dinner at a friend's. She's in heaven playing with her car seat.


Laura said...

Oy! I feel your pain. He has never gotten me on the inside of my arm but bit the line of my jaw the other day... NOT nice.

Like you the external dialogue is "There is never a time when it is OK to bite Mamma" while the inside one is saying "Sweet fuck, stop that NOW!"

Foxxy One said...

I found the most amazing books - it's the "Best Behavior" series. When Dylan started biting we got him "Teeth are Not For Biting". It has helped tremendously.

We bought a few of the books for his day care and they call them the magic books because the behavior in his classroom has improved so much from the books.

Anonymous said...

GAH! Owen bit me today in the EXACT SAME SPOT! he must have been channeling Malka somehow...

Jessica said...

YIKES!!! Looks like it hurts!

Em said...

OWWWW! Why??? How in the world did that happen? Luckily my boy has only bit me on the finger so far... and that's because I put it in his mouth. I sternly said "NO BITING", and it's not happened since then... yet.