Thursday, November 15, 2007

I can do this!

So lately, I've been coveting some of the mad quilting skills of some quilting bloggers and flickr quilters. One of them has decided to do a relatively easy "Quilt -a-long." I'm SO IN! I just organized all of my fabric, and I have a bunch, so I'm sure Narda would be thrilled to see some of it dwindle...

AND.... I have a genuine, bonafide crafting playdate with Stephanie this Sunday, so I'll be able to get LOTS of my pieces cut.

So come along and join in, won't you?


calliope said...

can't wait to see photos of your crafty work!

hope said...

I can not start another quilt until I finish quilting the one I finishing, oh, 2 years ago.

Archaic Dome said...

Hydrangeas sure are pretty. You don't have an email on your profile, but you commented on crazymom about 1/4"- I've been doing it wrong for years, too! My mom showed me how to figure it out, though.

Cut two strips, each one an inch and a quarter (make sure you cut accurately...) Sew with your usual 1/4. Press as usual for quilting, and measure. If your "block" isn't exactly 2", adjust your sewing (or work on your cutting, which was *actually* my problem, we learned).

Hope that helps!

amandajean said...

hi shelli,

I started a flickr group for the quilt a long already. the link is at the bottom of today's post. I think I added it after I published the post the first time. sorry about any confusion.

JT said...

Okay, I have to ask...even though I think I know the answer. :)
Do you guys celebrate Christmas? I am asking because I had something IN HAND for you the other day that screamed your name, but it was so "Christmasy". After showing everyone at work how wonderful I thought it was, it hit me that you probably don't celebrate Christmas, so I put it back. Now I'm kicking myself thinking you just might celebrate everything. :) And I shoulda kept it for you.