Saturday, November 03, 2007

**UPDATED** Because 7 is my lucky number (or else I'm an idiot!)

As seen at AdProb, and Chickory-ville, I've decided to "pay it forward."

The first 7, (yes, that's seven) people to comment on this post will receive a gift in the mail - from me! The only glitch? YOU have to do the same (I think the current number is 5 people, but 7's been a "berry-berry-good-ta-me.")

So post away. And if I don't have your address? I'll e-mail you for it, so be sure I can track your e-mail when you post.


**OK - just a reminder, that if you anonymously (ie: no linkable blog link) signed up - and um, yes, Chris, that means YOU!) ;) this also means that I do not have your e-mail address, and if I do not have your e-mail address, I cannot write to you to ask you for your snail-mail address. And if I don't have your snail mail address? I can't send you stuffs!**


Rebecca (puppymom) said...

I'm the first to comment...looks like I'm lost, though, i guess cuz i'm not a blogger and i'm not keepin' up. Who do i pay it forward to and how do i do it?

Or do i have to have a blog to join in the games? I have a blog but it's anonymous so posting it in connection with anything that could identify it as mine would, well, defeat the purpose!

Anyway...just thought i'd comment since nobody else had yet...

Stephanie said...

Your gift to me will be a craft day! That's all I really want from you.

Dis said...

Ohhh This sounds like a fun game! I love giving people prezzies :o) Getting stuff is fun too lol

chris parker said...

ooohhh, i'd love to play. i love getting and sending mail, too! looking forward to it. will post this on my blog today!

Faith said...

Okay. I'd like to play, and will post this on my blog today. It's time to do some paying forward!!

Shelli said...

OK, all y'all - just a reminder - if I can't track your e-mail address, I can't get your address, and I can't mail you something - DUH.

SO please make sure I can track your e-mail address.


wen said...

excellent idea. i like the pay-it- forward concept and would love to participate.

you can reach me at wen (at) qbabe (dot) com.


Faith said...

I think you can track my email add'y, but if not it's faith(dot)stencel(at)gmail(dot)com. :)

parkermartin said...


i emailed you my address, but maybe you did not get it. anyway, you can reach me at my email address: parkerchristine(at)hotmail(dot)com and my blog is in your roll: parker martin twin odyssey