Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What happens in Germany stays in Germany?

Germany's Unicef created ads using black face on white children to share their "solidarity" with the entire nation of un-educated Africans.

Art Sweet is creating a flyer in the shape of a 20 dollar bill to give to all of the trick or treaters that they get stating why you should NOT support Unicef.

I will do the same.


ina said...

Shelli, I'm copying the post I made to that site. I'm not defending Germany or Guatemala's actions, but do want you to reconsider your boycott and condemnation of UNICEF.
Please bear in mind the life-saving work that UNICEf does. UNICEF is a body made up of representatives from individual governments. I agree that addressing the root causes of the kind of poverty that leads to intercountry adoption is necessary, but it's not something UNICEF is able to do on a global level. Can you imagine being a person from a developing country, watching wealthy people adopting "your" children? From the persepctive of poor countries, inter-country adoption does not benefit them intrinsically, but provides 1st-worlders with healthy babies. I say this as a supporter of international adoption; I don't think UNICEF should be condmned beacuse of some of its member states' actions.

Shelli said...

Ina, thank you for your caring response.

Let me share that I am a Jewish woman, with a black Jewish partner, and a domestically adopted black Jewish baby.

Unicef is indeed responsible for its "member states" and that ad campaign is racist, bigoted, and shameful.

Germany, ironically enough, also produced hate crimes earlier on in history. Had a few more people stood up, instead of just "sweeping it under the rug," as you are proporting that I do, perhaps some members of my family may still be alive today.