Saturday, June 30, 2007


Car (cawo)
Ball (Baw)
Row Row (as in Row, row, row your boat)
All Done! (aw dun)
Bye Bye
Banana (babana)
Quincy (Kincee)
Vroom! (voom voom)
EiEiO! (Eio)


Rhiannon said...

I believe you're missing one.

What about VROOM!!

Shelli said...

Erp. thanks Rhi - I stand corrected. It is fixed!

Jen said...

Don't forget EIEIO!

Shelli said...

Oh my gawrsh! Thanks, Jen - I can't believe y'all are better at remembering my kid than we are!

Rebecca (puppymom) said...

I remember reading somewhere awhile back about concerns about Malka's expressive language. Now, granted, Kate spent a whole year listening to Spanish and is now mostly hearing English (w/some Spanish and French thrown in here and there, plus some sign) but she is only 2 months younger than Malka and is nowhere near saying all those words!! I'm not worried, though. She understands a lot and figures out a frightening amount. "Normal" is a wide continuum.

Go, Malka, GO!

Faith said...

I love hearing little kids say "Vroom vroom." It's so cute, that I used it in the last play I was in (pushing a tiny toy car across the stage and saying vroom! vrooooom!). Fun.

Thanks for sharing the Malka love.

Trista said...

That's fantastic! She's totally going to explode now!