Thursday, May 10, 2007

What IS it about the #7 and it's friends?

My mother was born on 6/7/47
I was born on 7/27/70
Narda was born on 3/17/70
Malka was born on 12/17/05

Malka's finialization appointment is 5/17/07

Malka's Mikveh appointment?


There HAS to be some Kabbalistic significance in the number 7 for me. I just have to find it. Any Kabbalah experts out there?


Christy said...

Shelli go there, if you can't see the link go to then horoscopes and look under numerology, you can put in your date of birth, including year to find your "life path number". Mine is very true for me, I was born on 2/17/77 and I am a 7 in my life path. I always see 217 everywhere too. My ex's bday was 721. Dawn's bday is 1/23/75.

Have fun!


Jessica said...

:) Better do something good on 7/7/07!

Anonymous said...

I am so, so happy that Malka is visiting the mikveh! Am yisrael chai!

-Danielle in Philadelphia

Lo said...

I don't know about kabbalah, probably know this...7 is an important number in Judaism. 7 days in the week, 7th is the day of rest, the 7th year is the Jubilee year...

lagiulia said...

Hey, Malka and I share a birthday! Well, not the year, but you know. We have a lot of 5s in our family. I don't think that means anything, but it's weird.

Just catching up with your blog. Hope you're well!