Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Support Live Theatre! (And Malka's Eemahot at the SAME time...)

Go see Radio Golf. It's an amazing show, up for 4, that's FOUR Tony Nominations, and, well, it's just not as popular as Wicked. but it's still pretty great!

So go see it, and go tell your friends, and your friends of friends of friends to go see it.



Dis said...

Any word on how long it's going to run? Love me some August Wilson. I hope it's still up when I actually make it out that way.

Kimmyann said...

OT: I thought of you ladies when it was announced the Harry Potter World was coming to FL. I guess we know where Malka is going in a few years.

Matthew M. F. Miller said...

I'd love to see that, but I have to admit - I LOATHED Wicked when I saw it.

I thought the songs were trite, and the pacing was awkward. I haven't seen a good musical in a very long time.