Wednesday, May 16, 2007

NO Freaking WAY!

I SO thought it would be Melinda and Blake.


I'm SO confident in Melinda's talent, however, that I look forward to seeing her ALL over the map.

But still.


I've been working on the response to the "Friendly little meme," but now Lost is on, and I have the rest of the dishes to do, so I'll have to finish it later.

And think good weather thoughts for us tomorrow, it's a BIG day!


Jeannette said...

booohoooo, i wanted my girl melinda in the finals! (stomping my foot in a tantrum right now)

i think jordin will take it.

on another note, i so love elliot's voice! i think i'm going to get his cd. he was my favorite last season. he is so humble and his voice is so smooth....what do you think of elliot? he sounds live just like he does on the radio..

The Babka Nosher said...

Side note... Is it me, or does Elliott look like Peter Brady's long lost cousin?

calliope said...

another side note...
is it me, or are you ALWAYS doing dishes???

Care said...

I love Melinda's voice - she is by far a superior singer. I like Jordin, and I like Blake, but Melinda should be in that final two. I understand why she isn't, I just don't agree with it. I think Jordin will win.