Wednesday, February 14, 2007

fingers and toes

fingers and toes
Originally uploaded by shellipsm.
I totally owe a blog post about our awesome weekend in DC with Jen, Cait and Natalie.

I've been a bit swamped at work, and now with the weather, and wonderng if daycare will be closed, or closing early and what-not, well, I've not had much blogging time.

SOOOO, I leave you with this lovely picture of our adorable girls sharing a bath.

But more splashing and playing was taking place than actual bathing...

I promise to write more soon.



Sue said...

Way precious! Thanks for the smile. :)

Tamsin said...

Oh, just look at those gorgeous little underwater limbs - utterly adorable!

Calliope said...

damn that is cute.

cat said...

kiss kiss... adorable.

hd said...

That is one of the very best pictures I've ever seen. You should send it in to Ellen's Best Photos Ever.

S said...

Must. Bite. Those. Legs.

SO frickin' cute, I can't stand it!!