Friday, September 01, 2006

Linkey Love

So as some of you may have noticed, I have a SHORT blogroll. It in NO way, shape, or form represents the amount of blogs I read on a general basis. (on evenings and weekends only, of course!) :)

So if would like to be included in the little orange list to your right, please let me know. It's nothing personal if I left you off, it's all Malka's fault.

And to show you some cute "atempts at crawling," I present a cute tushie for you:



Liza said...

I would love to be listed, both the new site and my personal site,

And BTW, I would also love to include some of those adorable Malka moments in the "family photos" rotation on There's a Flickr group by the same name, if you're willing to share the cuteness.

J said...

I'd like to be listed, too - and, I think you guys, and Malka's adorable tush, are pretty great!

Calliope said...

Go, Malka, go!!!
do I detect a hint of ruffles under that dress????

I'd be honored if you linked me.

S said...

Oh. My. God. The CUTENESS....I can't STAND THE CUTENESS!!!! GAH!

Ugh-I so wish that we could come in this weekend, but no dice-there's too much going on and I have to get ready for school starting (WAH!)....but, we WILL get together very VERY soon, I promise!!! We'll have to schedule it SOON!

Jessica said...

TOOO CUTE! Love the outfit too! She's got such cute thighs there!! hehe.
Would love to be linked.

Lo said...

Oooooh I could bite that tuchass.

Anonymous said...

Delurking to comment on the incredible CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!! What adorable chubby thighs!

Dee said...

She'll be running around in no time! Love this shot so much!

I'd love to be on your list. I dont update near enough....but I try. :)

Gus and Moms said...

Gus wouldn't mind being listed too!!

Such a cute picture- she's almost there!!

Mo said...

I'd love to be listed om your blogroll. Love the picture of Malka. She is getting so close. Just keeping you in suspense. Helen is doing the same with the almost walking.

Care said...

Go Malka! She is so cute. And I would love to be on your blogroll.

cluttergirl said...

that baby got bootie!
She is adorable! And I loved the ikea commercial.