Saturday, August 05, 2006

so much to say, so little time...

-Malka hates planes
-My mom
-My awesome new job
-Da da and la la
-Stupid stranger comments
-Theresa Weatherspoon night at the Garden

-I'll do my best to get caught up. In the meantime, go give a hearty mazal Tov to Bri over at Unwellness. She's waited two years for this...


Dana said...

I know all about stupid stranger comments! I can't believe the incredibly personal things people ask about the boys! As a side, you have inspired me to begin blogging-so thank you!

Liza said...

T-Spoon! More on T-Spoon!

I miss living in a WNBA city. (And can anyone explain to me why Atlanta, of all places, does not have a WNBA franchise?)

Jessica said...

I hate stupid stranger comments (TRUST ME I DO). Looks like someone is saying some words huh. I am glad you like your new job!!!

bri said...

Thanks for that!