Friday, June 02, 2006

Roly Poly Malka

In honor of , Blogging for LGBT Families, Malka rolled over from tummy to back this am - BY HERSELF.

Narda was holding her on the sofa, and I sat down at the table to eat my grits that I made for breakfast (YUM), and I open the magazine sitting on the table, and Narda says: "She just rolled over." Apparantly, Narda had put Malka down on the carpet for a moment, and she just.rolled.over.

I run and grab my camera, and get the whole thing once again - she did get a little more frustrated at our frequent attempts to encourage her, after all it takes a LOT of energy and muscle to move a 21.4 pound baby from tummy to back! But she did it again.and.again.

Yea Malka!

We are SO screwed!

PS - Happy 6 years, Narda - you are the love of my life, and I'm so glad we can get frustrated and blissful together, sometimes even at the same time. You mean the world to me; I love you.


Calliope said...

Happy Anniversary!!
How cool that Malka figured out a way to make it even extra special!

word verification: vjsfuz

hee hee

Jessica said...

Oh HOOORAY thats so great, what a beautiful anniversary present... except it means you'll both have to be toes a little more! hehe.

ilyse said...

Wow, cool that she rolled over!!! Happy Anniversary to you and Narda!