Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I pick YOU!

Inspired by the guest blogger at An Accident of Hope, I feel compelled to share that YES. I pick my nose. (gasp, shock, horror). I even go after rogue wedgies. All of this IN PUBLIC. Much to Narda's shagrin, mind you.

I also tend to feel that, "Hey, we ALL do it." And I"m OK with public "finger nail" versions of nose picking, but I put my foot down at full finger insertion.

How about you?

(PS - there are still a few interview spots left - so be sure to sign up before the blue light special ends!)


Angie said...

Ask me! If there's room left anyway. LOL

I have no comment on the nose picking dilemma though. =o)

art-sweet said...

Alrighty, I'll bite.

Since I started this thing off, I never really did it myself.

Oh and um, the boogers? Yeah.

Pili calls it panning for gold.

Please don't mention that in my interview questions though.

Clare said...

Pick me! I have never ever been picked... not to say I have never ever picked!

cat said...

I'm neurotic and carry tissues around for any nasal issues. I am of the never pick your nose school without a tissue... yep I'm THAT neurotic about it.

Even at home.