Thursday, January 26, 2006

Today's post is brought to you by the number 3!

I lost 3 pounds this week.

Yea me!

I think the average is 1 to 2 pounds, but I'm SURE happy to see the scale going DOWN for a change, instead of hovering or threatening to go up.

And I got a note back from WW, that they "thank me" for sending them feedback, and they'll be in touch.

Hahah. We'll see if the shrimp, swordfish and scallops get removed from the Kosher section.

My secret you ask? PRE-chop veggies and keep them in tupperware in the fridge, for munching purposes.


Calliope said...


Julie said...

You go girl! That's awesome!!! Have you come over to the dark side, I mean GDT yet? It's lots of fun. I'm "The.Foxx" so just give me a shout over there (I'm usually on between 9-5 during the week). I sent a bunch of my Jewish buds over for your last post - they loved it :)

Shelli said...

what is GDT?

Rainbow Momma said...

Great job!! I'm a fellow WW member, too. It's not really funny about the Kosher section, huh? You'd think they'd do a little research.

Care said...

Great job Shelli! I'm working on losing some weight too - trying to get rid of my "pre-diabetic" diagnosis. Just having a wee tad bit of trouble giving up the chocolate food group.

party b said...

fantastic! And kudos on giving them a shout about the "kosher" section.