Sunday, January 15, 2006


sassy, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

Just had to share the look that I get EACH and EVERY morning from her royal sassiness as I prepare breakfast for the fur balls that rule our house.

She finally allowed me to take her picture, as I think she approved of this pose.

She is SOOOOOOO sassy!


Anonymous said...

you make me feel like such a horrible cat mom -- ever since we've had the baby our cat sees mostly the bottom of our foot (either mine or Jenn's respectively). Your kitty is very pretty though -- let us know if you want another one ;)

P.S he doesn't even have a butt problem anymore

LisaMarie said...

Awww! She's beautiful! Not at all plump like my two fat kitties.

Shelli said...

Yana - you are SO funny! Narda would KILL me if I brought another cat into the house - we have 3! Although I am constantly tempted, however.

Lisa -thanks, we think so too. (although she *IS* hiding her mid section by her pose. When walking, it waddles on its own...)

Lorem ipsum said...

The 'what do you want and why should I care' hanging wrist/hand/paw/whatever just screams 'SASSY'!

Do we anthropomorphize our pets too much? Or are we simply imitating what they've done for millions of years?

Shelli said...

(LOVE the new Icon, Lorem...)

No, I SERIOUSLY think that cts are WAY smarter than us, and are just waiting until the mother ship beams them the signal.

You know, the one that signals it's time to take over the world!

We're just lucky, apparantly, to have one of the leaders living with us...

Mo said...

OMG, what a great pose! Her royal highness is very sassy indeed!

Lorem ipsum said...

Shelli, it's Bruce Stringbean from 'Sesame Street'!