Monday, December 19, 2005

strike? *Update

*OK, So I WILL of course, support my union brothers and sisters, and I would never NOT support their striking actions.

I'm just pissed off that they are striking, and I'm pissed that they make more money than I do, and have better benefits than I do, and the whole "stranded uptown" thing will get old. I'm nervous about our cat sitter getting up here, to take care of our fur babies. I can work from home just fine, but I DO need to try and get into the office somehow tomorrow, to tidy things up before we head out of town.*

OK, here I go, off on another Union rant, and ME, a PROUD UNION MEMBER!

I was 100% in support of a possible strike for the TWU - UNTIL I learned that the conductors, you know, the ones who open and close the doors, and then yell at us that the doors are closing, make 20 THOUSAND DOLLARS a year more than ME.

They are making MORE money than I am, and they have a BETER pension plan and health insurance plan than I do, and I only get a 1.5% raise a year, and they are balking at a 3% raise.

So now I'm annoyed that we might have a strike, and even though we'll be in Portland for the holidays, our cat-sitter needs to get uptown! And a strike to improve upon some of the best benefits in the City just gets me a little hot under the collar.

So do I support the strike? NO. Had our economic and benefit status been similar, perhaps yes, but now that I am armed with information, I'm a LOT less sympathetic.


globalfriendshipnetwork said...

thats sad

Estelle said...

I, personally, think they should all be fired. I am fairly anti union. If you don't like the job, find another one. If you can't, that's not your employer's fault.
Hmmm... air traffic controllers... 1980s... seems appropriate. :)
Sorry that your life has been so upended.

Sara said...

Ug, what a giant pain in the ass. My brother lives in Brooklyn - had to walk over the Brooklyn bridge to work - froze his ass off.

Anyway, GL with all of your other are you not shitting yourself on a daily basis??!

Muchos besos