Thursday, November 03, 2005


We got a call from our agency (of course, the DAY after we mail our stuff off to Friends in Adoption) and there are two concerns:

1) she drank moderately (3 drinks a week for the first few months of pregnancy) - we might be more oK with that, as we know there's always 'something"...

2) The Birth Mother has COLOBOMA. It is an eye condition, and she is legally blind.

After she discovered she was pg two months ago (and she's due Dec. 1st) she began receiving prenatal care. All things indicate the baby is healthy and on track (Baruch Ha'Shem)

She has chosen 4 families, so there is obviously the option that she may not even pick us.

We realize that there is always a risk, this is our 7th call. it's a lucky number for me. May G-d shine upon us and let this work, and help the birth mom have a healthy baby. (she's due December 1st...)

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Brooke said...

We'll be thinking of you.