Wednesday, November 09, 2005

3 days!

until the PREMIERE....

The following is snatched from

NYC Premiere Attendees
It has been announced that the following Potter actors, as well as David Heyman, will be making appearances at the New York City Goblet of Fire Premiere:

Daniel Radcliffe
Emma Watson
Rupert Grint
Ralph Fiennes
Brendan Gleeson
Miranda Richardson
Robert Pattinson
Stanislav Ianevski
Katie Leung
Jamie Waylett
Jason Isaacs
James and Oliver Phelps
Matthew Lewis
Tolga Safer

Other guests include Susan Sarandon and Ann Curry. The Premiere will start at 4 PM this Saturday, November 12th, at Ziegfeld Theater, 141 W 54th St. Stars are expected to begin arriving at 3 PM.

um, add SHELLI to that list!

Then we see the movie at midnight on the 18th - so actually a week from tomorrow night, at 11:59pm.

can you say Shelli's a N-E-R-D?

Good, I knew you could... :)


Calliope said...

there is a great bit in last week's EW about the movie. You should be able to find it online. yay!

S said...

OMG pleasepleasepleasePLEASE take pics with that handy-dandy camera phone of yours.....I'm so friggin jealous.....stupid church job....*grumble grumble*


GO NERDS....GO!!! Yah! I'm so totally a HP nerd better call me as SOON as it's over!

Jen said...

So you got tickets? How?

Shelli said...

I WISH I had tickets to the premiere - I'm actually just dragging Narda along to GAWK at the stars... And then heading over to Barnes and Noble to grab my seat for the POD CAST after the movie - the actual movie viewing will happen Thursday night the 17th, at 11:59pm...

heh - "funzaq" is my word verification :)

Dee said...

Kevin is excited too...but worried because of it's rating. I told him I'd have to wait and hear from people that saw I trust your judgement. You'll have to let me know how 8 yr old appropriate it is.

Estelle said...

I think if you let your kid read the book, you should let him see the movie. The movies haven't been anywhere near as graphic as the books.

I am so jealous. I have to wait until saturday to see it. SATURDAY! A whole DAY after it is released!
I want so badly to go Friday night, but we can't keep Charlie out that late (he'll be staying with grandma).
Saturday. Half the freakin world will see it before we do.