Thursday, October 06, 2005

Just for fun!

OK - do the same... find a google image for each of the questions, post on your blog, and let me know if you do, so I can see the pictures!

Town you were born in:

Town I live in now:

My name:

My Grandmother's (z'l) name:

My favorite food:

My Favorite Drink:

My Favorite song:

My Favorite smell:



cat said...

HaHa love it... did one as you requested.

S said...

i did it too!!

see ya sunday!


CharlieBeth said...

Had to give it a go, great idea, thanks!

Calliope said...

that was soooo much fun! I followed your lead on my blog.

cluttergirl said...

Hi! that's kind of fun, but I think you linked directly from other people's website jpegs, which is um, verboten and also illegal (you are using their broadband width that they are paying for, and putting their images on your webpage). It is somewhat better to save the images to your own image bank on your site to put them in your page, but that is also copyright violation. If you just linked to them, ie a href so that people click on the link and go to see the image at their actual site, that is legal and ok. But right now all these people who you linked to will see the stats of many hits on these images and would be within their rights to make you remove the links, or could report you to blogspot for misusing the service. sorry to be a bummer.

Shelli said...

it's a link, via the blogspot formula. not to worry......

I'm not a stupid ninny, and I follow the rules, but thanks for pointing out the obvious, I appreciate it!


hd said...

I did one, too!