Friday, October 21, 2005

THE coolest thing EVER

OK - not to give away my new X-mas present secret, but it's SOOOO cool!

(I hope Julie and Ben don't read my blog!) :)

but go here, and you can create your own STAMPS - with your own picture! HOW COOL IS THAT!




Estelle said...

Why yes you can.
I am glad you are so excited about this.
I have some with my dog on them. Yes, my dog. They are obviously pre baby and I cannot order ANY of Charlie because, well, I'll want too many. And I just don't mail that many things. Maybe someday.

Bebu said...

It is the COOLEST thing!

Thanks for sharing!

Shelli said...
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Shelli said...

Thanks, these are really cool.

BTW...who knew that there were 2 of us?

Shelli, too.