Thursday, September 22, 2005

Where have all the FF'ers gone?

long time passing? Where have all the FF'ers gone, long time ago?

They done up and left due to the "icing" on the cake, if you will, of Big Brother watching and slapping hte wrists for asking "silly" questions, like: "why was I banned for asking about community credits," or: "Why was I reported in a buddy group for using a swear word?" Then they have the AUDACITY to tell folks that the (free software, mind you) message boards will now be available to paying customers only.

I was "grandfathered in" from my old lifetime VIP status, but many of the women that I have come to know and adore are not. And no longer have access to the boards.

So what's any right minded hormonaly pumped up woman to do? LEAVE! Start a NEW forum somewhere else - somewhere where there is no censorship, drama or big brother watching - because last time I checked, (with a small exception of course), the majority of women there are, um, oh darn, what's the phrase I'm looking for? OH YES..... Smart, intelligent GROWN UPS, who don't need teacher listening in on the bathroom door.

So although it's a bit harder to lurk on other "boards," if you will, here are the three places I've gone to:

For my lesbain mama friends: Conchita's place

For my "Preggo after IUI" friends: Connected moms

And for my life line, my NY/NJ Gals: Fertility Family

So there you have it.

I cannot post these links on Fertility Friend, so I post them here, hoping that y'all are reading my blog! :)

If we ever try sperm again, which may happen aftger we've been waiting in our adoption process for a year, then I might chart again, and I'll post a link if it does.

But for now, I just like the support of chatting with my friends - and many of these women I've known now for over three years, and they have TRULY become my friends.

Jen and Cait

(There are more of you wonderful, fabulous women, but I have to go shower and leave for work..... I'll update it later.)

So ladies, I look forward to continuing the journey.

Ta ta to the tyrany that was Fertility Friend - it used to be a great place....


cat said...

Feel the same way you have become a true friend. :)

Dee said...

Is there anyone left there?

I have a lifetime VIP membership, but got the message that it didnt include access to the boards. It said they would allow me to access for a little while, but then I would have to become a paying member for the boards. As if. :)

I'm so glad there are places we can go to keep in touch!

Heather said...

Thanks for the info. I'll probably being going over tonight when I'm at home and registering in Fertility Family. It looks like a great board.

Estelle said...

Well that sucks. I never used them (but I do have the lifetime VIP... not that I remember the password anymore even) but I know lots of people have.
Join us at LTTC or l-moms... we're free :)

amymrsr said...

uummm...which category do I fall under? You didnt have a "thank god at last by the hair of our chinny chin chin" site ;)I was going to try and keep touch with as many as possible on the yahoo site and stay in FF as long as it would let me. Meanwhile, I hope we stay in touch!

Amanda said...

While new to the blog world, i've found lots of encouragement and support in these intertwined pages. I'll be checking out the forums you mentioned...thanks!