Wednesday, September 28, 2005

When it rains...

Amy, who is one if my best friends since we were like 12, currently lives in London with her finace, Issac. Another dear friend, Sara, lives in Brooklyn. Sara, Amy and I are all very close, and have been since highschool. I am blessed to have that connection. Being that Sara now lives in Brooklyn, the funny part is that I actually saw more of her when she lived in California. We are trying to remedy that, however. Sara and I have been tag-teaming Amy to convince her to come and play in NYC with us for quite some time. Narda and I have just finished the spare room conversion, so that it is more of a spare room, with a full sized bed, and not just an aerobed (SORRY JEN & CAIT!) :) (I think they Jen & Cait's blog have logged more hours on our poor aerobed than any of our other friends..... You'll just have to come back, and enjoy a REAL bed dears...) but I digress. So the spare room is complete and ready for visitors. There's still some home office residue, but it has a nice full size bed that can be a couch during other times, and it's REALLY Comfy! See the bed here... and be sure to click on the other views - it's REALLY nice! But I digress again...

So Sara nad I finally work our magic on Amy, and a few months ago, she calls, telling us that she and Issac will come to NYC, only if we are both in town, while they are en-route to her mom's place in Portland for turkey day. I jump with glee, and tell her yes, and in fact, she and Issac can have their very own bedroom and bathroom!

Weeeee! We'll have MUCH fun - I haven't seen Amy in about 2 years, although we've spoken on the phone quite a bit - it's pretty cheap for the UK to call the states - MUCH cheaper than for me to call home ot Portland, even. So we talk a lot, but I haven't seen her. So insert happy dance here. She comes the weekend before thanksgiving, and will stay Friday to Monday at our place. We are thrilled, and there will just be a lot of hanging out, as Amy's been to NY a zillion times, and has no desire to see anything - just Sara, Narda and I.

Cut to the dillema - ANOTHER old and cherished friend, Thauna who lives in Hawaii, calls me last week to say that she had tried to e-mail me (perhaps the "I quit the evil, mafia aol people and switched to the glorious and wonderful g-mail e-mail got lost en route to her? - perchance...) but it didn't go through. So she calls to say that her sister, Rhada, is getting married. Guess when? The weekend of November 18th. She's coming from Hawaii to NYC. I insist that she and her boyfriend stay with us. We spend a wonderful hour catching up, hearing all of the new things in each others lives and loves, talking aobut my old fantasy that I'll win the lottery, and thus have enough money to have a sucessful IVF procedure, and fly her in to be my one and only midwife and doula. It's a lovely conversation.

30 seconds before I hang up, my lack of short term memory (yeah, OK, so I smoked some pot in highschool and college...) remembers that Amy and Issac are coming. THE SAME WEEKEND. CRAP.

I have told both wonderful women that the other is coming, and I have told Thauna that I gave dibs on the spare room to Amy and Issac first, and that she can have the room Thursday and Monday night, and that if they are amenable, we can camp them out on our living room the other times.

But it's such a dillema! Amy is coming to town JUST to see me. Thauna is coming to see me, but mostly, for her sister's wedding. Also, ALL of her siblings will be here, too, and I haven't seen them all in the same place since 1988! I know Thauna's time will be eaten by wedding activities, but I wish I didn't have to share my attention like that.


What's a girl to do? ANY And ALL advice is welcome (except assvice) :)

(If good things happen in threes, well, y'all can figure out what might G-d willing, ptth, ptth (that's the spit sound) knock on wood happen that weekend too.... but shhh, don't say anyhting to the universe about that, wouldn't want to jinx it...)

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Jen said...

Can't help you with the double-booking, but I will comment on the renovations. The bed sounds lovely, but I didn't mind the aerobed all that much. It's the new A/C I can't wait to snuggle up with!!!!!