Friday, September 09, 2005

How YOU doin?

One of the blogs I usually read...The Naked Ovary

decided to ask everyone today how THEY were doing - since a blog is a place where we tell you, the world, wide internet how WE are doing on a daily, or almost, or OK, school starts Monday - ACK, weekly basis, I liked that she turned the tables around...

this was my response to her:

I am overwhelmed with the grief of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

I am ANGRY at people that compare it to September 11th. I live here, dammit, I WATCHED the fucking first tower fall, don't you DARE compare it.

I am bitter at everyone on my fertility friend on-line supprot group that has gotten pregnant by just looking at sperm, and we NEVER got pregnant after 14 medicated IUI cycles.

I am anxious that my boss and I missed a scheduling glitch and will have some MAJOR fixin' to do come Monday...

I miss my girlfriend/partner/lover/what is the PC term these days? She's in California, and comes home to me on Sunday

I am sad by the loss of the relationship between my mother and I - she doesn't have all of her "there" there, and it hurts to try and remember that.

I am grateful that you asked how I'm doing, and that you ACTUALLY want to hear the answer. I, as well, am SO fascinated by those that ask it all the time, I simply reply: "do you really want to know, or do you just want to hear "fine, thanks, and you?" Because if they want to know, I'll tell them. And most of the time, I'm happy and content with my life, and happy to tell them that, too - just today, however, today, I have a lot of feelings swirling around, and I think I'll copy this post and post it on MY blog, and ask them how THEY are doing.

Thanks for letting me tell you how I'm doing today.

I pray your wait gets shorter and shorter...


So, dear internet, I ask YOU - "how YOU doin?"

Please feel free to share. honestly.


AmyMrsR said...

interesting concept :) So, without the "fine thanks"...I'm VERY (let me say again VERY VERY) worried about a good friend of mine. She is going through some very tough times. Her nephew by marriage is hanging on to this life by a thread with lead poisoning and viral meninigitis while she worries about her mothers major surgery to remove a cancerous thyroid and double mastectomy. She has also discovered that she indeed has PCOS with a cocktail of hormone disorders that may make it nearly impossible for her to have children with her new husband. My mother goes in for a hysterectomy on Monday which also has me worried, but she's strong and healthy and I think she will be fine. Somehow, thinking it makes you feel like it WILL be. My cousin with the lung cancer has reported at this time no new growth which made us happy and sad. Happy because no new growth compared to the tremendous spread at first is good. Sad because the treatment isnt reducing what is there and we are still very likely to lose her much to soon from our lives. Yet again, we think strong thoughts so that it WILL be and I think that she'll be here to see the holidays and the long awaited baby. As always, I remember that the happy woman has no cares, the cheerful one has cares, but doesnt let them get her down. Just for today, I'm going to look beyond, and be grateful. Thank you for asking..Thank you for letting me share all of this, even for just a moment.


Heather said...

I'm feeling a little better today than when I commented on that post. I'm still impatient, but hoping that we'll get a lot done on our current house this weekend, and that our workings to get knocked up this month will be fruitful.

Anonymous said...

Shelli, I'm sorry. I am one of those who, at least to myself, compared Katrina to 9/11. Until I saw your post on Naked Ovary, I didn't realize how wrong that was.

I grew up in Florida. I am old enough to remember Camille. I've filled pillowcases with beachsand to create barriers for water. I've bought untold flashlights, batteries, bottled water, cans of tuna, and jars of peanut butter. (Too bad someone from Florida didn't suggest some of that kind of shopping to Mayor Nagin.) I've never been through a hurricane as bad as Katrina, but I get the idea. And I know what could have been done to prepare and save lives.

On the other hand, I've never been through anything like 9/11. I can't imagine what it must have been like to be there in person when the first building fell. I wish so much right now that I could give you a hug. Not a polite little social hug, but to really hold you close and squeeze you and be grateful that you were not inside of that building.

And unlike Katrina, so little could have been done to prepare for 9/11. Mother Nature (and the Miami Hurricane Center) gave us several days warning for Katrina. The crazy terrorists did not.

No comparison. And I'm sorry I did, even if just to myself.

I'm glad you're still alive, and so sad that you had to see the devastation in person.


Shelli said...

thank you all for sharing - and A special thanks to you, Atlanrta Debbie!


S said...

Uh...well, I'm exhausted, pretty much. I'm trying not to push myself too hard, otherwise I'll get sick and then I'm really screwed for the show. Of course, the bachelorette party last night didn't help, but at least I only had two drinks all night.....

What else? Some days I'm great, some days I feel shitty-I can usually gauge it by the time I walk downstairs for my morning cuppa java-but I try to take it day by day.

I feel anxiety-not only because of the show opening (holy SHIT!), but also from having to do another IVF cycle-what if it doesn't work? what if I get sick again? Oh, not to mention that everyone and their sister is knocked up around me-that makes me feel better....NOT!

So, let's just summarize it by saying that I'm tired, bitter, and anxiety husband is oh so lucky to have me, isn't he?


Anonymous said...

I am a little late, but I take the opportunity to let everyone knows how I feel since no nobody except my husband knows, and I wish that I could talk about it.

I found out that I have genital herpes last week. I am pretty upset about it.

Thanks for letting me say it!

Shelli said...

thanks for Shring, Stella. I'm so sorry to hear that news, it must be frustrating and upsetting, indeed...