Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Contributions STILL needed

The story that made me cry was the one about a man who was trapped in his home for three days, standing on a chiar, holding his cat. When he was rescued, he had to leave his cat behind, but it was Noah's Wish that went back to get his cat the next day, and reunite them. I sent them as much money as I could, as the furry ones can't cry out for help or make signs...

Go here to help: Noah's Wish

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Estelle said...

I've sent to them as well... it's so sad how animals get the shaft in things like this. I've been ordered to evac before and stayed behind because I couldn't take the pets with me. If (who am I kidding? WHEN) it happens again... I guess we'll load all of them in the car (a great dane, a saint bernard, and three cats) and get as far away as we can... or we stay. Although now with a baby... the picture changes a little... but I still know I would never leave the pets behind.
It's about damn time rescue orgs and shelters wake up and realize how important these animals are to their families... for many people a dog or cat is all they have left.