Monday, September 26, 2005

Cat is....


House of Miao

:insert EVERY happy icon you can think of right here!:

She's on the right meds now, so G-d willing, this should be a VERY Sticky bean.

Send ALL good thoughts to Mrs. Miaow!

We are SOOO happy for you dear Cat!


cat said...

*blush* awe... thanks shelli.

AmyMrsR said...

Ive been popping over now and then (even though I dont actually know Cat) because I feel so compelled to stress and pray along with her and everyone I know TTC. (besides, if she's a friend of Shelli's, she must be really nice) So I'm ecstatic !!! and hopeful that this is finally the time! LOTS AND LOTS OF STICKY VIBES!!! (yes, I'm really this goofy in real life :) )

I LUV CATS said...

I found the cutest photo on your site.