Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bush vacation

Bush vacation, originally uploaded by Julikt.

As Bush JUST quoted in his speech:

"this was NOT a normal hurricane."

Um, WTF! Please feel free to describe what IS a "normal" hurricane.


Lil Wytch said...

Well see a "normal" hurricane would have knocked first and cleaned up after itself.


cat said...

Watching dubya speak made me nauseous... he used the exact same words (many of them) when he addressed us after 9.11. From experience we know that those promises are empty now.

I really hate him. Wish he'd choke on a fish bone.

*the secret police (office of homeland security) will probably be knocking on my door in 10 minutes for that last comment*

Lorem ipsum said...

You know, not a normal hurricane for New Orleans. A normal NO hurricane is bright red and has lots of rum.

But then, W stays away from those things now... come to think of it, he stays away from all hurricanes.