Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Vacation, all I ever wanted...

So since the trip to LA was a bust (albeit, with a few nice days on Narda's roof pool) due ot all of the adoption anxiety we dealt with, we decided that we needed a bonefied, true-AMERICAN vacation!

So this next weekend, we are off to our Nation's capitol, Washington, DC to do some REALLY CHEEZY TOURISTY STUFF, and o visit our friends, Jen & Cait Jen & Cait have stayed TWICE at OUR apartment, so we are thrilled to go visit them, and to see the NEW KITCHEN COUNTERS!

We plan on visiting the Lincoln memorial, the Smithsonian, and the rest, well, we're open to suggestions - ONLY Cheezy Touristy stuff, please! :)

I'm even doing OK with my 'cat-seperation-anxiety' syndrome. I tend to really freak out if I hav eto leave the cats under someone else's care - mostly Cougie, as the others aren't "special-needs" cats, but I'm doing OK, since we're leaving Friday, and back on Monday, it shouldn't be too bad...


AmyMrsR said...

CRUD! doesnt sound like you'll have enough time for a drop in visit a little south of D.C. I'm only a mere 45 minutes south of D.C. if we can work it, in I would LOVE to meet you and Narda!

conchita said...

you need to go on the paddle boats (nothing more touristy and cheesy than THAT!!!) and go to the NATIONAL ZOOOOOOOO!!!!! and also, plan on going BACK to DC in like...octoberish, when we 3 go!

love & miss ya,