Friday, August 19, 2005

sharin da love

my friend, Stef, the one who played Mrs. Bumble in Oliver a few weeks ago is suffering a miscarraige, after THREE years of infertility, she got her BFP (big fat positive - on a pregnancy test and in a blood test at the doctor's office) from a frozen Embryo Transfer. Her numbers went up and up, and now they are going down and down.

That sucks - please go and share some love her way, she needs it right now.


Love you, Stef. Truly. Sending MUCHO love and hugs and alcohol your way.

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Sara said...

I made a visit to Steph and was saddened to read her story. I also heard from Cat about your situation and I just wanted to send some hugs your way . . .

Thinking of you . .