Monday, August 01, 2005


OK, so I had a physical today, and although I feel the need to lose aobut 80 pounds, my PCP (Primary care physician) feels I only need to lose about 40. MY BMI is 36 - ZOINKS - that's 4 points shy of surgery folks. I'd NEVER do the surgery, and I know it's worked for some people, so I'm not judging, I'm just saying, I'D never do it.

OK internet, I need some help here. I've done OA, and I lost 125 pounds, and then quit smoking and went on fertility drugs, and gained about 60 back. I've been doing a half ass job at Weight Watchers, but I DO work out, and I love it. But I've been hovering at this current weight for about a year, and I'm sick of it.

I SO UNDERSTAND how to lose weight: "Eat less, move more." I have the "move more" part down pat, but who wants to move in and be my personal chef and hand slapper and ego stroker, saying "Shelli, you are good enough as you are, you don't need that 1 point only 70 calorie fudgicle to feel better..."

See how hard it is? When it's only one point?



Heather said...

I have to admit I like Leanne Ely's cookbook, "Saving Dinner The Low Carb Way." It's not that I believe in the Atkins thing, but I know if I stay away from the potatoes and bagels I can lose the weight when working out. Otherwise I just maintain. Anyway, I like her book because she has some low carb side dishes that make you feel like you're having carbs: rutabega fries (which even my 4-year-old loves!), mashed cauliflower, spaghetti squash. It really gets you in touch with the produce department.

Another Heather said...

What is OA? (Where you lost 125 lbs?)

I'm 5'3 at 175 pounds, therefore i could stand to lose 40 pounds too!
I know i need to exercise and stretch more and thats my biggest obstacle, so kudo's to you for conquering that!

Shelli said...

mmmm, rutebega fries sound great!

I haven't had wheat in 6 years...

OA is Overeaters Anonymous.

cat said...

Replace the fudgecicle with carrots... Yeah I know... it sucks but whenever I gain weight that is not supposed to be there I have to beat it back with veggies. I'd rather be eating goldfish crackers or triscuits or some other crackery thing but the veggies are better for me as well as providing that essential fiber (ie; poo more lose more). If you drink soda... stop entirely. I lost 5 lbs just from stopping that. If you drink anything that has lots of sugar in it for that matter cut it in 1/2 with water (even juice). More water, less sugar. These tips all come from a more healthy and fit than I husband who is also a physical ed teacher as you already know.

Cliche sayings to get you through:
Slow and steady wins the race. Rome was not built in one day.

Shelli said...

I only drink seltzer, not a big soda fan, and I poo lots. :) I'm a HUGE veggies fan.

But yeah, slow and steady....

Beth said...

I go to OA/HOW, a more structured segment of OA, and it has really worked for me. I needed something more structured I guess!